A Family Affair

I am not a wedding photographer. In fact, I've emphatically avoided shooting weddings since I began my photography business. They intimidate me to no end. But when your sister-in-law is getting married and asks you to capture her day, you take a deep breath and do it. The day was everything I thought it'd be, long, stressful, exhausting and physically demanding.  What I wasn't expecting was how fun, emotional and fulfilling it would be. 

It truly was a family affair, with my mother-in-law as the officiant, my children as ring bearers, husband as the bride's "Bro of Honor" and myself behind the lens capturing every bit of the joy, emotion and beauty from the day. These two have been through more in their time together than some married couples do in a lifetime. To me, this is a true testament to their love and loyalty to each other.

It was such a beautiful celebration and I feel so honored to have shared it with them, both as a sister and as a photographer.