I feel like this shoot just screams fall, California fall that is. The seasons aren't very distinct here in Northern California but it's noticeable that the days are getting shorter and the leaves on some trees are changing. We take what we can get and after a long very hot summer, people around here are typically chomping at the bit for any opportunity to break out their Uggs and oversized sweaters. 

We shot early in the morning so it was a bit chilly and the grass was still covered in dew. One of us, I won't mention any names, may or may not have woken up on the wrong side of bed and was adamantly against the whole family photo thing. Despite all the tears and frequent stops to bribe, we were able to continue shooting and I love how the images turned out. I've been taking this family's photos annually for three years and their sessions are always fun and there's never a dull moment!