Easy Like Sunday...Afternoon

I don't get the chance to photograph teenagers very often, so I wan't sure what to expect from this family shoot last weekend. I imagined they'd be unwilling to do what I asked and irritated that they were being forced, against their will, to spend their Sunday afternoon with their parents.  The night before, I lay in bed wondering how I'd get them to smile. How would I ask them to pose? How would I get them to have fun and relax? Would my usual tricks work? I was so delightfully surprised when I met this family and I can only hope that when my children are teenagers they still love me this much. This is one of the most affectionate and openly loving families I have ever been around, much less photographed. This mom and dad are clearly doing something right. They have such beautiful girls, inside and out and everything about this shoot was easy. Just a joy to work with this beautiful family.