Pretty In Pink

This is such a sweet family and I'm just so happy for them. I took their first born's photos when he was just a few days old and was lucky enough to be asked to take photos of their new addition as well. Such a sweet little bundle of cute! 

Change Is Hard

Being the oldest child and welcoming a new baby to the family can be rough. In the blink of an eye, you go from the center of your parent's world to having to share that space with another. It's new. It's scary. 

It can be just as scary for a parent as well, it was for me at least. I worried I wouldn't have enough love in my heart for two babies. I worried I wouldn't be able to juggle it all. I worried my first born would suffer. But you adapt and adjust and eventually balancing it all becomes normal and you can't imagine it any other way. 

From the get-go, it was clear that this little guy would rather I pack up my camera and hit the road. Putting his back to the camera and at one point even going as far as to put his hand in front of my lens, he made it very clear that he did not want his or his new sister's photo taken. I found it to be sweet how protective he was of her and did my best to assure him that I wasn't there to hurt her. He chose to not participate in most of the shoot which gave us some nice time for Mama and Papa to spend with the little one. As with most children unsure of the whole photo shoot thing, they eventually warm up to the idea and he was no different. Nothing a little jumping on the bed can't fix!

The Klabo Gang

Love this family!! They were at my wedding, my husband is childhood friends with the guys, the matriarch is our realtor and the youngest daughter cuts my whole family's hair. Needless to say, I know them well and I think they are all fantastic AND beautiful! All this mama wanted for Christmas from her family was photos and I feel honored to have been asked to do it. I hope they love and treasure them!

If It Aint Broke...

I swear, every shoot I've had in the last few months has been at Guadalupe Oak Grove Park. I just love it so much! It's in a flat part of the valley where the sun goes behind the hills late and peaks out so nicely from behind these gorgeous trees. 

This was such a great group to photograph and  I rarely get to shoot teens, let alone four! Despite being a blended family, the boys were so great together and if they hadn't told me I don't think I would have ever known. They all seemed like close brothers to me! 

Anderson Family

You'd never know, by looking at these images, that we'd all just hiked for 40 minutes up a steep hillside would you? They had originally wanted their photos taken at a barn that they'd encountered while hiking together, and that was the plan. Unfortuntly a wrong turn took us up instead of over, and we had to quickly scratch the barn idea to be able to get some shots in before the sun went down.  It wasn't the location that they had originally hoped for but, that bit of exercise put everyone is a great mood and even made their cheeks perfectly rosy. This was a really fun session and a fun evening adventure. 

Cuteness Overload

Just had to share this session due to it's utter cuteness. No need to say much really. The pictures speak for themselves. Those dimples!

Let's Try This Again

A few weeks ago I photographed this beyond adorable family but things did not work in our favor and it started raining just as our session started. They were so positive and brave for deciding to go for it anyway, not sure I would have, but unfortunately it started raining pretty hard and we decided that the crying baby and soggy hair were just not working. We reshot a last weekend with clear skies and happy kids. What a fun story they'll be able to look back on and hopefully laugh about.  

Fourth Time's A Charm?

Don't get me wrong, the rain we've had in the last couple months has been beautiful and much-needed, but all of the rescheduling has been absolutely maddening.  I've rescheduled with this adorable family at least four time but we finally made it happen and I'm LOVING all the images. It's rare that I get to shoot siblings so far apart and I just think it's fantastic how close this little guy and his older sister are. So special!

Fields of Green

What a difference some rain can make! Just a few short weeks ago this location was brown and dry but now it's lush and beautifully green. It made the perfect backdrop for these dreamy fall photos. I always enjoy spending time with this gorgeous family and I cannot get enough of this beautiful boy. Look at that fantastic hair! 

Getting Creative!

I hadn't been to this spot since last year and was very surprised to see that the whole area was under construction. As I drove up, about to meet this family, I saw loads of orange cones, barriers and caution tape. My heart sank. We had to get creative and do a little hiking to avoid all of the mess, but these images turned out so sweet and truly capture this family's fun spirit. 


They Get It!

I've been photographing this family for years now, and every year it gets better. Over the years they have relaxed and really learned to enjoy the process, and it shows in their images. They are truly having fun! I've said it before and I'll say it again, this mama is my biggest fan and my business wouldn't be a business without all of her many, many referrals. 

These Two!

I love these kids. They are so sweet to each other, at least around me, and just ooze innocent, genuine happiness. They are and always have been such a joy to photograph. 

Rain or Shine

This shoot was short and sweet for one very good reason, rain! It doesn't rain a whole bunch around here, and hadn't rained in months. The fact that I had eleven sessions scheduled for last weekend didn't matter to the rain gods either yet somehow we managed to shoot rain free until the last session. This mama and papa were so awesome and decided to go ahead with the session, rain or shine. You have to look closely to see the rain drops, and you'd never know by looking at their faces that it was really raining. They were better sports about it than I would have been! 

Mountain School Minis

This year I became the official photographer for my daughter's preschool and offered mini sessions to all of it's current and alumni families. I had a blast photographing some of our close friends as well as a few new families. I can't wait to see all of their holiday cards! 


I feel like this shoot just screams fall, California fall that is. The seasons aren't very distinct here in Northern California but it's noticeable that the days are getting shorter and the leaves on some trees are changing. We take what we can get and after a long very hot summer, people around here are typically chomping at the bit for any opportunity to break out their Uggs and oversized sweaters. 

We shot early in the morning so it was a bit chilly and the grass was still covered in dew. One of us, I won't mention any names, may or may not have woken up on the wrong side of bed and was adamantly against the whole family photo thing. Despite all the tears and frequent stops to bribe, we were able to continue shooting and I love how the images turned out. I've been taking this family's photos annually for three years and their sessions are always fun and there's never a dull moment! 

We All Have Bad Days

We all have bad days, even one year olds. This little beauty was just not feeling it and made sure to let us know. I just love working with this couple though. They're so relaxed and effortlessly rolled with the punches and really just let her be her. I personally love her pouty face, but seeing her finally smile a bit in the end was so adorable. 

One Day at a Time

I heart new babies. I can remember those first few weeks of my first born's life like it was yesterday. Such a precious time in every family's story. Trying to figure it all out, one day at a time. 

And Another Year Has Passed

I just love seeing my clients from year to year. This is year four for this threesome and I can't believe how cute this little guy is getting! He used to be so shy and extremely unsure of having his photos taken, but now he's such a ham and actually seemed to really dig it. This family is so sweet and, as always, it's so much fun chatting and catching up while we shoot. I look forward to next year!

A Family Affair

I am not a wedding photographer. In fact, I've emphatically avoided shooting weddings since I began my photography business. They intimidate me to no end. But when your sister-in-law is getting married and asks you to capture her day, you take a deep breath and do it. The day was everything I thought it'd be, long, stressful, exhausting and physically demanding.  What I wasn't expecting was how fun, emotional and fulfilling it would be. 

It truly was a family affair, with my mother-in-law as the officiant, my children as ring bearers, husband as the bride's "Bro of Honor" and myself behind the lens capturing every bit of the joy, emotion and beauty from the day. These two have been through more in their time together than some married couples do in a lifetime. To me, this is a true testament to their love and loyalty to each other.

It was such a beautiful celebration and I feel so honored to have shared it with them, both as a sister and as a photographer. 

Pretty in Pink

This just may be my favorite belly session to date! These two beautiful people are expecting their little girl in less than two weeks and the love was overflowing between them. Those final weeks leading up to the birth of your first child are so special and filled with loads of excitement, hope and joy. I loved spending a warm, breezy Saturday afternoon on the Santa Clara University campus with this fantastically loving and open pair. Their little peanut is one lucky girl!